Integumentary System: Quiz I

1.Subcutaneous layer is known as:    a. Dermis    b. Epidermis    c. Hypo dermis    d. Corpuscle   2. Keratin is    a. A melanin    b. A soft tissue    c. Made up of subcutaneous tissue    d. A hard protein that make hair and nail.   3. Which layer act as an insulator … Continue reading Integumentary System: Quiz I

Practice Question ICD-10 (II) Answer Book

a Rational: Female patient with third trimester and vaginal bleeding mean hemorrhage. Then O44.13 is correct code which is meeting all condition like Placenta Previa with hemorrhage, Third trimester. a Rational: Narcolepsy should be coded as G47.419 but with cataplexy should coded as G47.411. c Rational: Code J30.81 is used for allergy due to cat … Continue reading Practice Question ICD-10 (II) Answer Book