Integumentary System: Quiz II

  1. Redness of skin is known as a. Inflammation b. Erythema c. Swelling d. Melanoma   2. Tumor due to multiplication fat cell is: a. Lipoma b. Melanoma c. Sarcoma d. Carcinoma   3. A study of skin is known as: a. Epidemology b. Etiology c. Cytology d. Dermatology   4. A malignant noeplasm … Continue reading Integumentary System: Quiz II

Integumentary System: Quiz I (Answer Book)

Integumentary System: Quiz I 1.  c Rational: Skin has three layer as outermost layer (Epidermis), Middle layer (Dermis) and innermost layer (Hyodermis). Skin's third inner layer is made up of subcutaneous tissue is known as hypodermis. 2. d Rational: Keratin is a fibrous protein that is responsible for formation of  hair, nail and other important … Continue reading Integumentary System: Quiz I (Answer Book)