Medical Terminology : Quiz 6

  1. Which procedure is use in surgical excision of the root of a nail to treat ingrowing toenail ?

a. Ziegler procedure

b. Zadek’s procedure

c. Waldius procedure

d. Vineberg operation

2. By which procedure secondary cataract is being treated by an open approach with creation of a window, commonly by laser discission?

a. Uchida procedure

b. Traverso–Longmire procedure

c. Ziegler procedure

d. Winter procedure

3. The surgical excision of the astragalus for treatment of paralytic deformity of the foot :

a. Whitman astragalectomy

b. Whitehead operation

c. Witzel operation

d. None of the above

4. For the placement of feeding tube, incision is done through abdominal wall and into the stomach :

a. Witzel operation

b. Urban procedure

c. Von Burow operation

d. None of the above

5. Which anatomical site is pouch of Douglas

a. Anatomical cavity between the ribs and the lungs.

b. Pylorus cavity

c. Pelvic cavity

d. Anatomical cavity between the rectum and the uterus

6. Which equipment used to deliver an electrical charge , made up of battery and circuitry ;

a. Pulmonary valve

b. Prosthesis

c. Pulse generator

d. None of the above

7. Tissues that are not histologically malignant but it can convert into malignant tissue:

a. Malignancy

b. Premalignant

c. Benign

d. Cancer

8. Incision into prostate is termed as;

a. Prostatotomy

b. Proctectomy

c. Prostatectomy

d. None of the above

9. Pyeloplasty is defined as;

a. Surgical excision of the renal pelvis.

b. Surgical repairing of the kidney tissues.

c. Surgical reconstruction of the renal pelvis.

d. Surgical reconstruction of the pylorus

10. Flow of blood per unit volume of tissue, as in ventilation;

a. Perforation

b. Infusion

c. Perfusion

d. None of the above

Answer key

  1. b 2. c 3.a 4. a 5. d 6. c 7. b 8. a 9. c 10. c

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