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Practice Question For Medical Coding:Medical terminology(I) Answer Book

  1.  a.
    Rational: suffix -ostomy meaning is a ‘new permanent opening ‘.
  2.  b.
    Rational: suffix -megaly is deal with enlargement or large.
  3.  b.
    Rational: suffix –rrhagia mean abnormal flow.
  4.  d.
    Rational: suffix -scopy mean to examine.
  5.  c.
    Rational: suffix -oma is used for tumor.
  6.  c.
    Rational: “lithiasis” is divided as litho and -osis. Litho mean stone and -osis mean abnormal condition of.
  7.  c.
    Rational: “cephal/o” mean head .
  8.  a.
    Rational: Onycho” mean fingernail.
  9.  d.
    Rational: Retinoblastoma” (retino+blastoma) retina is part of eye and blastoma mean malignant tumor.
  10.  c.
    Rational: Echoencephalography is study of encephalo mean brain.
  11.  a.
    Rational: Arthrocentesis (arthro+centesis) ; centesis mean puncture in cavity and arthro mean joint.
  12.  b.
    Rational: Mastopexy (Masto+pexy); Masto mean breast and pexy mean fixation
  13.  d.
    Rational: Colporrhaphy (Colpo+rrhaphy); Colpo refers as vagina and rrhaphy refers as suture.
  14.  d.
    Rational: Hysterectomy (Hyster+ectomy); Hyster mean uterus and ectomy refer as surgical removal.
  15.  d.
    Rational: Tympanoplasty (Tympano+ plasty); Tympano refers as Tympanic membrane or ear drum and plasty refer as repair.


Practice Question For Medical Coding:Medical terminology(I)

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