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Your family needs Quality Time not Quantity of Time


Your family can be around you all day, if you don’t spend quality time with them and you don’t pay attention on them, talk to them and listen to them it doesn’t matter that they around you.

We all always love to talk about ,” how much time should we give to our family?” This is the hot topic of News paper and magazines. Expertise gives so many idea how will you balance our family life. We listen and read, then forget because of busy schedule we don’t able to give too much time to our family.

Some occupation demands too much time and its necessary,we should give. Like a scientist, soldiers and businessman etc. If scientist will not give dedication then we will not get any new invention. Soldiers loves their family too much but if they would start thinking about their families then who will responsible for safety of nations.

Every job demand dedication and TIME. So it is very difficult to decide how will i give time to our family. Because family is everything for us and whatever we are doing, its only for nourishment of  our own.

I always listen about working mother, they don’t able to give sufficient time to their family especially their children. some people think like that working girls are not perfect for family only because of time issue. Really housewife is the perfect women. They can’t earn. Some questions again and again arise in my mind:-

       Why do we all not talk about quality  time?

New study said, “Quality time is the key for good parenting.” One study also said, More parent time can be harmful for children. Some Research told the story of frustrated parents. They have sufficient time for their children but their problems make them rude, aggressive and sad. Then what’s matter , you have sufficient time but worthless.But you haven’t much time but it is full of joy and happiness is matter for your own.

“Happiness is not something ready-made. It comes from your own actions.”

According to New York times,“one of the easiest ways to make more time for loved ones is to turn off the TV. In the average American home, the television is on 49 hours a week. By way of contrast, the average amount of time that both parents spend in meaningful conversation with their children is 39 minutes a week. If you need more time with your spouse and your kids, make the obvious choice. Instead of watching TV, read together, play board games together, take a walk to a local park, or sit and talk.

 Why do we always discuss about quantity of time?

We are thinking like that if we are with our family then that is sufficient. They need time and i am giving. Only spending time with family is really make them happy.

Family and especially child need actually you mean, not only physically ,they demands mentally presence. They demand your actual free time and free mind. No matters how much time you gave them.

Quantity time refers to the amount of time a parent is physically present with their child.  But what constitutes being physically present?  Think of the following situations: is it quantity time when a parent watches Oprah and Dr. Phil while their child plays on the carpet beside them?  Is it quantity time when I’m playing soccer with my boys . . . but my mind is far away thinking of writing parent articles?  I’m physically there, but in a sense I’m not there.

Quality time refers to the standard or calibre of the time we spend with our kids and family.  It means we are focused, intentional, and engaged with our family.  Our attention is directed at our child and what they are doing.  It makes sense then that one hour of quality time is better for a child than four hours of watching Oprah quantity time.  But there is more to this issue than what I have discussed so far.

Bottom line   

Give your family quality time . So many studies have shown links between quality parent time — such as reading to a child, sharing meals, talking with them or otherwise engaging with them one-on-one — and positive outcomes for kids. The same is true for parents’ warmth and sensitivity toward their children. It’s just that the quantity of time doesn’t appear to matter.

We have not much time but whatever you have, it is positive and sufficient for make them happy. We don’t need to spend every minute with our family, or every minute engaged in intense togetherness. The time we spend apart (sleeping, working, studying, building blocks, playing sports, staring into space) brings something to our interactions, too.

Being working parents is surely a very difficult thing. You cannot risk to compensate any of your personal or professional world since they are both crucial to your being. So, stop being in guilt and remember that you are setting a great example for your kids by being hardworking and loving parents.

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