How do Status Indicator influence the reimbursement in Medical Billing?

A Status indicator explains the payment methodology for outpatient hospital services. It determines that under what payment system the service are paid. It is appended with every HCPCS code to identify the particular services or procedure described by the code would be paid under the hospital OPPS. Hospital outpatient services may include:- Physician professional services.… Continue reading How do Status Indicator influence the reimbursement in Medical Billing?

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Alzheimer’s Disease: Stages, Sign and diagnosis Coding

Alzheimer's disease is a group of brain disorders that cause the loss of intellectual and social skills. It is a progressive disease that destroys memory and other important mental functions. Alzheimer's disease may be present with mild confusion and difficulty in remembering. People are suffering with the disease may even forget important people in their… Continue reading Alzheimer’s Disease: Stages, Sign and diagnosis Coding

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Immunization Coding Aspect

All antigens in a vaccine that prevent disease caused by one organism. Multivalent antigens or multiple serotypes of antigens against a single organism are considered a single component of vaccines. Combination vaccines are those vaccines that contain multiple vaccine components. ADMINISTRATION CODE For administration of a vaccine six CPT can be designated. These codes are… Continue reading Immunization Coding Aspect

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Tips For Nail Coding :Increase Reimbursement

Focus On Common Procedure Of Nail Trimming of nondystrophic and dystrophic nails Cutting and shaping of nondystrophic nail (a normal nail) and dystrophic nail ( poor nail formation, usually as the result of trauma or infection. When caused by trauma, the nail becomes discoloured due to blood pooling underneath the nail. Over time, the nail breaks away from the nail bed until it detaches completely.)… Continue reading Tips For Nail Coding :Increase Reimbursement

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Nail : Definition Disease &Complication

Nail is protective covering that grow upper part of finger or toe and are composed of a hard protein known as keratin. A small nail have a complex structure with some basic part are following:- Nail Plate:-  Nail plate is visible part of nail that is composed of keratin. It is a hard and translucent part… Continue reading Nail : Definition Disease &Complication

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Infectious Disease: A Basic review and Coding Aspect

Infectious disease are caused by bacteria, fungi, virus and other pathogenic organism.That can be spread by person to person directly or indirectly. Infectious diseases are one of the leading causes of death worldwide, There are so many infectious disease. Some very common and life threatening disease are following:- HIV Sepsis Methicillin resistant/ susceptable Staphylococcus aureus Condition… Continue reading Infectious Disease: A Basic review and Coding Aspect