Medical Terminology: Quiz 5

Causing lack of development of vision in one eye : a. Glaucoma b. Cataract c. Amblyogenic d. None of the above 2. Inserting needle through abdomen into uterus and amniotic sac for aspiration of fluid is termed as: a. Amniocentesis b. Pleurocentesis c. ultrasound pf abdomen d. Radiotherapy in abdomen 3. A therapeutic procedure of … Continue reading Medical Terminology: Quiz 5

Medical Terminology : Quiz 4

Surgical excision of all or part of adrenal gland : a. Adrenalectomy b. Adrenalotomy c. Adrenaline d. Adrenaloplasty 2. Meaning of Adnexa : a. Opposite side b. Distal Point c. Attachment or Appendages d. None of the above 3. Main duct of lymphatic system which discharge lymph and chyle in bloodstream : a. Alimentary duct … Continue reading Medical Terminology : Quiz 4