Integumentary System: Quiz II


1. Redness of skin is known as

a. Inflammation

b. Erythema

c. Swelling

d. Melanoma


2. Tumor due to multiplication fat cell is:

a. Lipoma

b. Melanoma

c. Sarcoma

d. Carcinoma


3. A study of skin is known as:

a. Epidemology

b. Etiology

c. Cytology

d. Dermatology


4. A malignant noeplasm is:

a. Sarcoma

b. Neuroma

c. Carcinoma

d. Lipoma


5. Suffix ‘-itis’ deal with :

a. Excision

b. Incision

c. Inflammation

d. Condition


6. ‘-osis’ is used for term:

a. Removal

b. Study of

c. Condition of

d. Like


7. The meaning of word ‘pyo’ :

a. Pus

b. Red

c. White

d. Cell


8. The word pathology mean:

a. To study of cell.

b. To study of Cancer

c. To examination of disease

d. To study of disease.


9. Define the term necro

a. Dead

b. Excessive

c. Many

d. Redness


10. Peri deal with:

a. Outer

b. Inner

c. Surrounding

d. Middle

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