Integumentary System: Quiz II (Answer Book)

Integumentary System: Quiz II

1. b

Rational: Erythema is derived from the Greek word erythros, which meaning is red.

2. a

Rational: Lipoma (Lipo + oma); Lipo mean lipid and -oma mean tumor.

3. d

Rational: Dermatology (Dermato+logy); Dermato mean skin and logy mean study of.

4. c

Rational: Carcinoma (Carcino+ oma); Carcino mean malignancy and -oma mean tumor.

5. c

Rational: -Itis mean inflammation.

6. d

Rational: -osis mean condition of. For example alkalosis mean alkaline condition.

7. a

Rational : Pyo mean pus, for example Pyoderma mean pus in skin.

8. d

Rational : Pathology (Patho + logy); Patho mean disease and logy mean study of.

9. a.

Rational: Necro mean dead; Necrosis mean condition of cell death.

10. c

Rational: Peri- mean surrounding; Pericardium mean a membrane around heart.


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