Integumentary System: Quiz I (Answer Book)

Integumentary System: Quiz I

1.  c

Rational: Skin has three layer as outermost layer (Epidermis), Middle layer (Dermis) and innermost layer (Hyodermis). Skin’s third inner layer is made up of subcutaneous tissue is known as hypodermis.

2. d

Rational: Keratin is a fibrous protein that is responsible for formation of  hair, nail and other important structure.

3. c

Rational: Hypodermis is made up of adipose tissue which helps to maintain the body temperature. this layer also contain sweat gland and sebaceous gland.

4. a

Rational: Arrector Pili muscle is a sooth muscle that connect to hair follicle to dermis and generate heat when body temperature decrease or feeling cold. Its erect hair to straight.

5. b

Rational: Sebaceous gland present in all body organ except palm and sole.

6. b

Rational: Sudoriferous gland known as sweat gland and secrete sweat.

7. b

Rational: Pacinian corpuscle is an onion shaped receptor that is present in the skin. It can easily detect the pressure change and vibration in skin.

8. a

Rational: Meissner’s Corpuscle also known as Tactile Corpuscle present in dermis and sensitive to light touch and it can easily trace the vibration.

9. d

Rational: Oil gland secrete sebum that lubricates skin and hair and protect skin to water.

10. c

Rational: Eczema  is a skin condition in which skin changes with symptom of  redness.

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