Practice Question ICD-10 (II)

  1. A female pregnant patient is in third trimester , was seen for vaginal bleeding, placenta previa was identified. Code the condition.
    1. O44.13
    2. O44.10
    3. O44.03
    4. O44.11
  2. A patient is seen for narcolepsy with cataplexy. Code the diagnosis.
    1. G47.411
    2. G47.419
    3. G47.421
    4. G47.429
  3. A 6 – year – old patient is seen in outpatient hospital for severe allergic rhinitis to cat hair. Code the scenario.
    1. J30.89
    2. J30.5
    3. J30.81
    4. J30.9
  4. A patient is visiting for an accident as laceration of right palm by a kitchen knife when she was cutting vegetable. Code the scenario.
    1. S61.401 + W26.0XXA
    2. W26.0XXA + S61.401A
    3. S61.409A + W21.89XA
    4. S61.401A + W26.0XXA
  5. Jack is present in the physician office for the follow up of forsbite of thorax. What is the correct diagnosis?
    1. T33.1XXD
    2. T33.2XXD
    3. T33.2XXA
    4. T33.1XXS
  6. Patient is coming for evaluation of  hydrocodone addiction (in remission). What ICD-10 should be coded?
    1. F11.20
    2. F11.21
    3. F14.20
    4. F12.20
  7. Robert visiting out of country for some official work was treated for symptoms like headache, nausea and vomiting. The physician is diagnosed with motion sickness.
    1. G44.1
    2. R11.2
    3. T70.8XXA
    4. T75.3
  8. What is the correct diagnosis for conjunctivitis due to adenovirus ?
    1. B30.9
    2. A74.0
    3. B30.0
    4. B30.1
  9. A patient is seen for pain due to phantom limb syndrome.Correct diagnosis is:
    1. G54.7
    2. G54.4
    3. G54.6
    4. G54.5
  10. What is the correct code for PEMPHIGUS VULGARIS ?
    1. L10.0
    2. L10.9
    3. L12.0
    4. L13.1


Practice Question ICD-10 (II) answer book

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