Practice Question ICD-10 (II) Answer Book

  1. a
    Rational: Female patient with third trimester and vaginal bleeding mean hemorrhage. Then O44.13 is correct code which is meeting all condition like Placenta Previa with hemorrhage, Third trimester.
  2. a
    Rational: Narcolepsy should be coded as G47.419 but with cataplexy should coded as G47.411.
  3. c
    Rational: Code J30.81 is used for allergy due to cat hair.
  4. d
    Rational: Codable condition is laceration of right palm and contact by a knife. So correct code for both condition is S61.401A and W26.0XXA respectively. External causes of code never goes primary. So S61.401A should be sequences first.
  5. b
    Rational: Code T33.2 is used for forsbite of thorax and as it is follow up visit so 7th character is D. Correct code is T33.2XXA.
  6. b
    Rational: Code F11.20 is used for hydrocodone addiction and F11.21 is used for Hydrocodone addiction in remission.
  7. d
    Rational: Confirmed diagnosis should be coded.
  8. d
    Rational: All option for Conjunctivitis but code B30.1 should be used as it is conjunctivitis due to adenovirus.
  9. c
    Rational: G54.6 is correct code because syndrome with pain is needed.
  10. a
    Rational: Pemphigus Vulgaris is coded as L10.0


Practice Question ICD-10 (II)

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