Practice Question ICD-10 (I)

1.Patient presents with chest pain. Physician performs a detailed exam and diagnosed as possible myocarditis. Code the diagnosis.

a. I51.4

b. R07.89

c. R07.9

d. I20.9

2. A 42-year-old female had presented in physician’s clinic  with menometrorrhagia. After reviewing her pelvic ultrasound and histologic examination  physician concluded as a large intramural leiomyoma is present in uterus and scheduled her hysteroscopy. Code the diagnosis.

a. D25.1

b. D25.2

c. D25.0

d. D25.9

3. A patient present to hospital in ENT department with symptom of irritation and pain in both eyes and diagnosed as dacryolith of lacrimal passages. Code the scenario.

a. H04.539

b. H04.513

c. H04.89

d. H04.519

4. Dr Wilson sees a female patient with hearing loss  and perform a comprehensive exam and a mass is found in middle ear . Biopsy is taken and concluded as mass is of cancerous nature. Further surgery has been planned. What diagnosis should be coded?

a. C31.1

b. C10.2

c. C30.1

d. C30.0

5. Patient has  Intraoperative hemorrhage and hematoma of the spleen that is complicating the surgery.

a. D78.11

b. D78.12

c. D78.01

d. D78.02

6. A patient is diagnosed with Hemoglobin E-beta thalassemia should be coded as

a. D56.3

b. D56.1

c. D56.5

d. D56.40

7. A patient is seen for  Type 1 diabetes with neurological complications. After examination the physician diagnosed as Systemic lupus erythematosus. Code the   diagnosis.

a. E10.4, M32.9

b. M32.9

c. E10.9, M32.9

d. E11.9, M32.9

8. A 42-year-old white female has a history of tobacco dependency. Now she has diagnosed with Silent myocardial ischemia. How will code the diagnosis?

a. I24.9, Z87.891

b. I25.9, Z72.0

c. I25.5, F17.200

d. I25.6, Z87.891

9. A patient present with red hard lump in right axilla and painful cluster lump in left side. The physician diagnosed as Carbuncle of right axilla and Furuncle of left axilla. Code the ICD-10-CM code?

a. L02.411, L02.432

b. L02.421, L02.422

c. L02.431, L02.422

d. L02.411, L02.412

10. A 46-year-old female present to discuss her report and physician reported as bilateral breast cancer of upper inner quadrant should be coded as.

a. C50.219

b. C50.211, C50.212

c. C50.511, C50.512

d. C50.519

Practice Question ICD-10 (I) Answer Book

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