Practice Question ICD-10 (I) Answer Book

  1. c is correct answer because possible condition do not coded so option a is eliminated.
  2. a. is correct answer. leiomyoma mentioned with its type intramural. D25.1 is mentioned with Intramural leiomyoma of uterus.
  3. b. is right choice as H04.513 is coded for dacryolith of lacrimal passages of both eyes.
  4. c. is right answer.
  5. answer.
  6. c is correct choice.
  7. a. is right choice ; E10.4 is explained as type 1 DM with neurological condition and use additional diagnosis for identify the condition that is M32.9.
  8. d. is correct option as I25.6 for  silent myocardial ischemia and personal history of tobacco dependency should be coded as Z87.891.
  9. c. is correct choice.
  10. b. is right choice as code selected on the basis of site effected upper inner quadrant.


Practice Question ICD-10 (I)

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